Lent Bumps 2013 – Summary

Crew Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Overall Final Position
M1 0 +1 +1 +1 +1 +4 14th in Division 1
W1 0 +1 +1 0 +2 12th in Division 1
M2 +1 0 -1 -1 -1 13th in Division 3
W2 +1 +1 +1 -1 +2 13th in Division 3

Crew Lists:

M1: [Bow] Mike Hoffman, [2] Neil Paul, [3] Craig Lambert, [4] Conor Burgess, [5] Joel Wilson, [6] Paddy Buchanan, [7] Andre Thunot, [Stroke] Lachlan Jardine, [Cox] Will Miller, [Coach] Chris Smith, [Boat] Adrian Cadbury.

M2: [Bow] Chris Diamand, [2] Jonny Foster, [3] Karolos Dionelis, [4] Erik Wannerberg, [5] Fletcher Williams, [6] Tom Watson, [7] Lee Nissim, [Stroke] Kert Putsepp, [Cox] Becca Odman Stonehouse, [Cox-sub] Ivan Tchernev, [Sub] Rutger Grisel, [Coach] Chris Braithwaite, [Boat] Vicky Wade, [Boat-sub] The Lady Jo’anna

W1: [Bow] Naomi Fenwick, [2] Brioni Kate Aston, [3] Sarah Williams, [4] Alex Hayes, [5] Beth Wratislaw, [6] Liz Dzeng, [7] Matilda Greig, [Stroke] Ellie Re’em, [Sub] Marijne Mak, [Cox] Nicole Samuel, [Coach] Roger Thorogood, [Boat] Jolly Roger.

W2: [Bow] Yeshe Verhagen, [2] Roxana Antohi, [3] Nicoletta Knoble, [4] Vivienne Yang, [5] Sophie Harrington, [6] Kate Erin, [7] Katharine Russell, [Stroke] Lucy King, [Sub] Marijne Mak, [Sub] Felicity Eperon, [Cox] Ben Alexander-Dann, [Coach] Ed Cronan, [Boat] Sarah Harriet (on loan from Selwyn).

Lent Bumps 2013 – Saturday

M1 – Bumped Robinson I for Blades
The final day of Lents had arrived. The day of reckoning. No one dare mention the possibility of the B word. St Catharine’s had continued their progress up the Bumps chart to put Robinson I in front of us, with a chance to get our own back for last year. Catz had even decided to raise the stakes by promising us all a pint if we could take down Robinson before First Post Corner. Anyone would think them worried about getting bumped back! With everything to play for, this was probably the most nerve-racking day by far! Our row down was great, the practice starts were fast, everything was in place as we got pushed out, now with an almost straight line to the motorway bridge following our previous bumps. We started well and pushed Magdalene away almost immediately. One whistle! Already? Surely we weren’t gaining that fast? Will quickly assured us that we were! Two whistles as we came under the motorway bridge! The water was choppy, so we must be close. I could vaguely hear Roger shout something about two feet. Then overlap, and suddenly HOLD IT UP! We had done it, with by far our fastest bump of the week, catching Robinson half way down First Post Reach. After clearing to let the side to let Caius II past and congratulating Selwyn for bumping Magdalene behind us, we moved over to the towpath side to the cheering of our fellow Kingsfolk, who graciously supplied us with bubbly, greenery and the King’s flag, which Will enthusiastically waved as we paddled back past the Plough. Blades were ours at last.

M2 – Bumped by Caius III
The crew went into the last day of Lents breaking even with our starting position. After damaging our boat in the tangle with Jesus III the previous day, we had to switch for our final day of Bumps. The new boat was easier to balance and we hoped this would give us the boost needed to take revenge on Jesus and remain level. With three days of Bumps behind us, our start was composed and smooth as the final cannon of our week sounded. We went off strong, and kept our rhythm passing under the motorway bridge, chasing down the crew who gave us so much trouble on Friday. Unfortunately, Caius III were characteristically on form and were closing the gap. Although the crew were pushing hard to get away, Caius proved too fast and gained their bump. Despite being disappointed by our failure to gain during the week, the crew had rowed well, and put in a much more solid performance than the day before. Given that 6 of our 9 had never competed in Bumps before, the week was an excellent experience for the crew, in which we got bumped, got a bump, and rowed over. With Lents over, the crew is keen to improve for Mays and next year’s Lents, where hopefully we can take back the place we lost and continue the club’s superb return to form.

Lent Bumps 2013 – Friday

M1 – Bumped Magdalene I
Two quick bumps down, we were all looking forward to chasing Magdalene. Knowing that Emma had gained on them on Wednesday, and that we’d easily bumped Emma yesterday only served to spur us on. Our practice starts on the way down were perhaps not quite as good as yesterday’s, but still sharp and fast nonetheless. The crew was bursting with anticipation as we were pushed out though. From the gun the start was clean, but the rough water hit us fast. The explanation for this came as we quickly got our first whistle. Gaining quickly, we reached our top speed and held it well. Every stroke brought us closer to Magdalene’s stern. Two whistles. Roger started trying to call the distance, but it was diminishing too quickly. Continuous whistles. BUMP! We had hit them before we even hit the corner, and quickly went about clearing the river to watch a strong Selwyn crew chasing down Emma. Three bumps down, one day to go.

M2 – Bumped by Jesus III
The third day of Lent Bumps was certainly an eventful one for King’s II. After a well-earned day off on Thursday, the crew was raring to go. Unfortunately, Fletcher had not been feeling well for a couple of days and wasn’t fit to row today. Luckily, Rutger stepped in at the last moment, keen to show M2 he had not lost any of his rowing prowess after a term off. We knew this was going to be the toughest day so far. Chasing us were Jesus III, who had bumped on both previous days. Ahead were Churchill II. We came to the conclusion that today we had to give it everything off the start: bump or be bumped. Go hard or go home… After a slight delay due to an incident in the previous division, the cannon fired and the race began. We had a solid start, probably the best of the week. Jesus were quick too, taking the gap down to around a length as we passed under the bridge. Unfortunately, things deteriorated quite rapidly after that. A danger-crab meant that King’s lost a significant amount of boat speed. Jesus capitalised instantly, going from a length to a canvas in a matter of seconds. Becca desperately called for a lift but it wasn’t enough, and Jesus bumped the stern of our boat. However, this didn’t seem to be enough for Jesus, who continued rowing until they had a huge overlap; Becca was nearly hit by a Jesus oar before they held it up. Worse was to come: The collision between the two boats left King’s heading straight towards the bank, with Jesus pinning us in. The boat hit the bank and came to a very sudden halt. A broken bow, but our pride remains intact.

Lent Bumps 2013 – Thursday

M1 – Bumped Emmanuel I
Right from the outset it felt like we were rowing well, a solid paddle to the marshalling area was followed by just about our best row down to the start which we have had. The practice starts were as near to perfect as we could realistically hope for, so we arrived at the start full of confidence that we could finish the job quickly. Unlike yesterday, today we had a crew chasing us, though we were fairly sure that Selwyn wouldn’t be giving us too much trouble from behind given that we bumped them yesterday. However, off the start they appeared to gain a little on us, though their whistles were very optimistic! Once we had completed our full start sequence, we were absolutely flying, and by the motorway bridge we were getting two whistles on Emmanuel ahead of us, and Selwyn had fallen way back behind us. It was far choppier than it had been yesterday, but we held it together well and powered through Emma’s wash to hit them just coming into first post corner. A very efficient bump today, and with Catz continuing to go up in front of us, there are plenty of slow crews being sent our way for the rest of the week.

M2 – Rest Day

Lent Bumps 2013 – Wednesday

M1 – Bumped Selwyn I
After a comfortable row over at the head of division two, we were rewarded with the opportunity to bump back into division one. The four boats in front of us were likely to form a sandwich as the race progressed; therefore it was essential that we took out Selwyn as quickly as possible. The row down was calm – we all knew what we had to do and believed we could achieve it. As we were pushed out silence gripped us – square, locked, and buried in the water; ready. Gun. Our start saw us moving well, heading into the wash of the 17 boats ahead of us. As we exited the first corner, lining up for the motorway bridge, we got our first whistle. One length. Focusing on holding the finishes through, we held our speed through the rough water under the bridge and from the outflow. With the worst of the water behind us we made our move. We lifted up onto a rhythm that had us rapidly closing on Selwyn. Two whistles – Half a length. As we approached First Post Corner I became aware that Selwyn were closing on St Catz, who were closing on Emmanuel, who were also closing on Magdalene – it was going to be tight. Three whistles – A canvas. The Selwyn cox had taken a nice tight line into First Post Corner, so I took one even tighter – blades just brushing the bank. Continuous whistles – Overlap. On the apex of the corner our bow-ball was almost level with their seven-man and the bump was given. King’s were back in the First Division.

M2 – Rowed Over
After a swift bump on Day 1 of Lents, M2 was full of confidence for a Day 2 in blazing sunshine. Some first day nerves were provided by Becca however, who had taken back her place in the cox’s seat after Ivan’s stand-in, and some wiring problems which caused some alarming sounds from the coxbox, that unfortunately didn’t allow her lovely voice to reach the entire boat. A harder row was expected having FaT III in front, a worthier challenge than Girton II from the day before. Gunshot! After a slightly scrappy second draw stroke, seven strong winds allowed for a solid start, catching up with FaT III who had started quicker. The crew settled into a good rhythm, keeping pace although not continuing to gain on the opponents. Pushing hard the crew managed to sustain a distance of about a length and a half on FaT for the first half of the course. However, a while after the river had cleared up behind them, with Jesus III bumping Girton II behind, FaT III managed to pull away some lengths over the Plough Reach. Still going for the bump, the crew continued on rowing hard for the whole rest of the race, although FaT III was now out of reach.

Lent Bumps 2013 – Tuesday

M1 – Rowed over at Head of Div 2
With nothing ahead to bump, we knew that we were going out for the row over. However, at the head of the division, we had nothing but clear water to enjoy. Our plan was to push Downing II away off the start and settle into our cruising rhythm. Our start was fast, winding up into the mid 40s and settling around 38-39 after the full start sequence. Downing II were already falling away by this point so the crew began to relax. Will got momentarily worried when the rate started to drop off past the Plough, but was relieved when he turned around and saw that this was only because the crew had seen how far ahead we were. Nevertheless, we lifted up coming onto the reach just to guarantee safety, and the crew hit an awesome rhythm. Having safely seen off any competition, particularly after Fitz caught Downing, we settled down onto a comfortable rate 32, and then a slightly uncomfortable rate 28 after nagging from the bank, to take us over the line and towards the first division the next day.

M2 – Bumped Girton M2
The atmosphere in the boat was tense. For six of our crew this was the first Bumps and no one really knew what to expect. In front of us was Girton M2 – a boat that earned blades last year but who’s crew were looking slow in their recent races on the Cam. Chasing us, Lady Margaret M3, who we were sure we could hold off. Starting at station 12, we were in a perfect position to hold a straight racing line up to the motorway bridge and hopefully gain quickly on the boat in front. Confidence was high.

As the starting cannon fired, all pre-race nerves fled and we executed one of the cleanest starts we’ve ever achieved (this is a relative measure – so still not perfect). The first phase of the race went exactly to plan and we gained rapidly on Girton from the start. As we settled down into our pace, whistles were coming quickly – but so were Lady Margaret. Staying focused; we kept driving forward and made consistent ground, reeling in the meters between us and Girton, successfully bumping just past the motorway bridge. A great first day and a very short race for King’s M2!

Getting on Race – 22nd February 2013

M3 – 2nd fastest crew not to get on
This was it; one race to decide whether you have a future in bumps. Was M3 ready? The row up to the start saw some stylish steady state interspersed with enthusiastic high rate work. While marshalling, spirits were high. Songs were sung, speeches were made and the time had come. After winding before the start, M3 drifted across the line and found a composed rhythm. Occasionally, members of the crew got a little carried away and went searching for their own rhythm. Generally, it was a good looking row with at least most of the oars doing the same thing. When they crossed the line, some had even broken a sweat. But alas, later that evening it was announced that they had not made the cut. With more power and training, M3 could do well in Mays where they already have a secure position.

W2 – GOT ON!
Over the same course as Newnham Short Course we managed to improve our time by an impressive 16 seconds with a solid powerful row, which secured our place in the Lent Bumps. A steady controlled start set the pace for the rest of the course ending with a fantastic overtake on the reach as we powered past Hughes Hall II to the finish. A really pleasing row for all who took part and spectated, leaving everyone very excited for bumps. Especially good as W2 have not been on the Lent Bumps in years! Our next goal is to go up enough places to secure W2 a spot next year, and though this would mean going up about 8 places, we may as well aim high…

Crew Lists:
M3: [Bow] Stefan Weetman, [2] Phil Smith, [3] Ivan Tchernev, [4] Oisin Huhn, [5] James Temple, [6] Joe Gladstone, [7] Ed Bentley, [Stroke] Tom Waszkowycz, [Cox] Emma Sewart