Blues, Colours and Internationals

Francis E. Cunnigham Men’s Blue 1867.
Joseph R. Orford Men’s Blue 1887.
James S. Carter Men’s Blue 1903.
John S. Herbert CUBC President 1924/25. Men’s Blue 1924 & 1925.
Arthur G. Wansbrough Men’s Blue 1925.
Douglas Hadfield Rowed in 1943 Oxford vs. Cambridge wartime race, which was not officially acknowledged as a Boat Race.
Matthew ‘Archie’ Nicholson CUBC President 1946/47. Dropped himself from the Blue Boat in favour of another oarsman three days before the official crew announcement.
Adrian H. Cadbury Men’s Blue 1952. Fourth place (GB coxless four) Helsinki Olympic Games 1952.
George T. Marshall CUBC President 1952/53. Men’s Blue 1952 & 1953.
Eleonore ‘Leo’ V.e. Sharpston Women’s Blondie Colours 1976 & 1977. OUWBC President 1978 – 80. OUWBC Blue
Rachael Scarth CUWBC President 1977/78. Women’s Blondie Colours 1976. Women’s Blue 1977 & 1978.
Louise M. Forward Women’s Blondie Colours 1977.
A. ‘George’ F. Eddie Gold medalist (Austrailian coxed four) FISA Veteran World Championships 1985.
Silver medalist (Austrailian coxed four) World Masters Championships 1985.
Bronze medalist (Austrailian eight) World Masters Championships 1985.
Matthias L. A. Hammer Gold medalist (German coxless pair) Junior World Championships 1986.
Gold medalist (eight) Home Countries International 1990.
Fourth place (eight) FISA World Cup 1990.
Lindsay Burns Gold medalist (U.S. lightweight coxless four) World Championships 1987.
Silver medalist (U.S. lightweight double) World Championships 1990. Silver
medalist (U.S. lightweight double) World Championships 1991. Spare U.S.
heavyweight sculler Barcelona Olympic Games 1992. Fourth place (U.S.
lightweight double) World Championships 1993. Bronze medalist (U.S.
lightweight double) World Championships 1994. Seventh place (U.S.
lightweight double) World Championships 1995. Silver medalist (U.S.
lightweight double) Atlanta Olympic Games 1996.
Abigail Lyon Women’s Blondie Colours 1990.
Alexander J. Bird CULRC Men’s Lightweight Half-Blue 1990.
OULRC President 1984/85. OULRC Half-Blue 1984 & 85.
Wendy F. Gibbons Women’s Lightweight Colours 1991 & 1993.
Helène P. Magrath Women’s Blue 1992 & 1993.
Kirsty J. Gill CUWBC President 1993/94. Women’s Blondie Colours 1993.
Women’s Blue 1994.
Julie Hogg Bronze medallist (coxing a men’s four) Home Countries International 1996.
Ceri Jones CUWBC Lightweight 2000.
Raman Nanda OULRC 2000.
Natasha Lane CUWBC 2001.
Rob Ennals CULRC Men’s Lightweight Half-Blue 2002.
Francesca Sanjana CUWBC 2005.
Patricia Barker CUWBC President 2004/05, CUWBC 2005.
Chiara Ferrara CUWBC 2008.
Beth Colman CUWBC 2010.
Andrew Viquerat Goldie 2011.
Fanny Belais Fourth Place (Switzerland Junior Quad) World Championships 2013, Bronze Medal (Switzerland U23 Quad) World Championships 2014, CUWBC 2015.
Jamie Brown CULRC Men’s Lightweight Half-Blue 2016 & 17, CULRC President 2016/17.
Chris Jones CULRC Men’s Lightweight Half-Blue 2017.
Neil Paul CULRC Men’s Lightweight Half-Blue 2018.