Bedford Star Head of the River – 18th November 2012

For many of the crew this was their first ever off-cam race (previous attempts having been foiled by bad weather conditions and crew complications). So it was with an air of great excitement that the nine set off for a day at Bedford. An early division meant an early and frosty start to the day but everyone arrived safely and in plenty of time of assemble the boat.
At Bedford, the weather cleared to cool sunshine and the friendly, buzzing atmosphere of the venue meant that the girls approached the race with feelings of anticipation and excitement. The unfamiliar course encouraged everyone into serious focus and so the coxing and rowing was of an excellent level throughout. After a solid warm up, the resulting confidence saw the crew to the finish line with a personal best time.
Unfortunately, the feeling among everyone might have been slightly too jubilant as not enough concentration was paid in spinning with the result that the Jolly Roger spent a happy ten minutes wedged between the two banks while marshals attempted to shoehorn the boat out of the gap and so remove the blockage.
All in all, the day proved to be relaxed and happy with and this no doubt contributed to the best result the crew has seen to date. We look forward to our next crack at the Bedford course in February.

Crew List:
W1: [Bow] Naomi Fenwick, [2] Vera Konieczny, [3] Brioni Aston, [4] Alex Hayes, [5] Beth Wratislaw, [6] Liz Dzeng, [7] Matilda Greig, [Stroke] Marijne Mak, [Cox] Nicole Samuel, [Coach] Roger Thorogood, [Boat] Jolly Roger.