Bedford Head – 10th February 2013

Unfortunately, the conditions at Bedford this time around were not so favorable and the whole day saw continual rain, which left everybody cold and wet. Despite this, the girls were in high spirits and the assembling and disassembling of the boat was easier this time around due to the experience of the Michaelmas race. Unlike the last Bedford experience, many of the best Cambridge colleges also ventured off –cam to test their mettle in new waters. Considering this, we did incredibly well to come 5th out of the women’s 8’s, well among the best of them with a time that equaled our personal best, forged at Bedford the last time.

W1: [Bow] Naomi Fenwick, [2] Kate Erin, [3] Sarah Williams, [4] Brioni Aston, [5] Beth Wratislaw, [6] Ellie Re’em, [7] Matilda Greig, [Stroke] Alex Hayes, [Cox] Nicole Samuel, [Coach] Roger Thorogood