Bedford Eights and Fours Head – King’s W1

As this was the first-off Cam race for much of the crew, and one of our first at all together as the Lent W1 squad, there was an air of great excitement as we set off to Bedford on the Sunday morning. After remembering that we needed to bring blades with us, and managing to correctly catch the coach to Bedford, we made it in good time to assemble the boat and eat our usual pre-race banana fuel up. The weather was cool but sunny and we had a leisurely paddle up to the start line, which gave us a change to familiarise ourselves with the course and the various bridges and markers to guide us en-route. After getting tangled in a few reeds during marshalling, we did our rolling start and went off very solidly and at a good rate. We consistently maintained power throughout the course, focusing on technical resets and putting power down throughout the whole stroke. This meant we avoided dropping off too much in the second-half of the race, as has been a problem for us before. To cheers of several supportive W1 parents, we finished in a solid time of 8.05 which placed us in around the middle of our division and above some other Cambridge college W1 crews.


[Bow] Niamh Mulcahy, [2] Jess Plumbridge, [3] Hannah Warwicker, [4] Danielle Jackson, [5] Ellie Archer, [6] Elizabeth Byrne, [7] Tabitha Biller, [Stroke] Antoanela Siminiuc, [Cox] Ellen Berry