Autumn Head 2016 – King’s M1

Written by: Daro Nakshbande

King’s M1 commenced Michaelmas term with no more than two members left from the previous crew for May Bumps. After barely two full weeks of outings we entered Autumn Head as a benchmark to work from towards the milestones of the coming term (Uni IVs, Winter Head and Fairbairns). Smith’s coaching throughout the preparatory outings had emphasised work on the finishes. Higher rate work, however, was still a novelty for this newly configured crew. This did show quite quickly after we did a rolling start and wound up to about rate 32 just under the Motorway Bridge. Our decent start followed by a good two minutes of quality rowing soon started showing symptoms of a lack of rhythm and relaxedness which had characterised the performances of previous King’s crews before us. The nice pace and platform we had established during the marshalling and race warm-up simply did not translate and hold over time.  While we were more or less aware of this from the start, the fact that Robinson M1 overtook us by Ditton Corner definitely indicated that mental toughness could potentially be improved on as well. With a time of 10 minutes and 23 seconds, King’s ended last of the College M1 crews competing, and saw Downing finish one minute and twelve seconds before us. Considering, however, the great differences in the crew composition and the marginal amount of outings preceding this race, one cannot conclude but by recognising the great potential and dedication this crew demonstrates, which will undoubtedly produce significantly better results as the term progresses!

Cox: Hrutvik Kanabar

Stroke: Lachlan Jardine

7: Lewis Couch

6: Daro Nakshbande

5: Jacob Toop-Rose

4: Joe Gaffney

3: Hans Verschueren

2: Neil Paul

Bow: Siggi Martinsson

Coaches: Chris Smith and Chris Braithwaite