Novice Fairbairns – 29th November 2012

NOVICE M1 – 29th of 70 – 10:49.0
Novice M1 had the pleasure of going off at the head of the women’s division (due to all three crews sharing the same boat). This should have meant easy marshaling and a clear race. Unfortunately, the women’s crews behind pushed our marshaling position right up to the start. Some powerful backing down from stern four quickly corrected this in time for the start, and the crew was underway. They wound well and settled comfortably onto 32 strokes per minute. This was a rate which they had seldom reached before, so we were surprised to see them hold it for most of the course. The race was not without mishap however; there was an unfortunate period mid race where they were down to seven men due to seat issues. Nonetheless, they wound back up afterwards and despite technique starting to slip as they got tired, they managed to finish strongly.

NOVICE M2 – 47th of 70 – 11:16.5
It’s a strange day when the cox is taller than all of the crew, but it came about all the same. Due to last minute coxing issues, Paddy, who is more regularly found at six in M1, was kind enough to step up and volunteer to cox a Fairbairns novice crew, still officially qualifying as a novice cox himself. Marshaling would have been tricky due to the extremely fast stream and disorganised marshals were it not for Paddy commandeering Phil’s blade for some sideways rowing. Eventually the race was underway and the crew wound up well, with Phil setting a fast but steady rhythm. Despite his inexperience, Paddy took some good lines to get the boat safely around the corners and the crew responded well to lifts. The crew finished in a decent time, rounding off their novice term proudly.

NOVICE M3 – 51st of 70 – 11:23.0
Nerves were running high because Novice M3 were to be the first King’s crew of the day to race the course. Marshaling went by in a blur of tapping and shouting, but being the first division there was not too much of a delay before the crew got moving up to the start. The wind wasn’t their best, but Brioni managed to lift them up on to a good race pace, and the boat was moving well for the first half of the race. Unfortunately as tiredness began to set in there were a few mistakes which resulted in some early morning crustacean fishing. The crew didn’t recover from this quite as well as we might have hoped, but they certainly didn’t slack on the effort, and pushed through all the way to the finish to bring King’s home safely.

NOVICE W1 – 11th of 52 – 11:53.0
The final race of term was Fairbairns, for which we entered both our novice boats. Our Novice W1 boat started off well and kept it solid at a decent rate the entire way. No crabs gave us an excellent race which impressed everyone who saw it. They came 11th, an incredible achievement for King’s rowers. As far as the archives went no King’s novice women’s boat had ever achieved above 27th before!

NOVICE W2 – 42nd of 52 – 13:48.7
Our Novice W2 boat had a slightly different story, a sucession of crabs resulting in an involuntary park at King’s boat house mid-race… Still, they got to the end and only came 42nd, which showed that mistakes aside, their rowing was actually not too bad.

Crew lists:
Novice M1: [Bow] James Temple, [2] Jonny Foster, [3] Edward Bentley, [4] Bjorn Osterberg, [5] Tim Woodman, [6] Fletcher Williams, [7] Nick Mulder, [Stroke] Tom Watson, [Cox] Megan McCluskey
Novice M2: [Bow] Ash Thomas Simkins, [2] Marc Press, [3] Ivan Tchernev, [4] Eoin Mahon, [5] Karolos Dionelis, [6] Joe Gladstone, [7] Stefan Weetman, [Stroke] Philip Smith, [Cox] Paddy Buchanan
Novice M3: [Bow] Tomohito Shibata, [2] Ruairi O’Donoghue, [3] Ashley Chhibber, [4] Oisin Huhn, [5] Basile Roze, [6] Giovanni Braghieri, [7] Chris Diamand, [Stroke] Tom Waszkowycz, [Cox] Brioni Kate Aston

[Men’s Coaches] Lachlan Jardine and Conor Burgess
[Women’s Coaches] Ellie Re’em and Lucy King

Queens’ Ergs – 6th November 2012

Queens’ Ergs is always a nervous time for novices and this year was no different. With a few last minute subs some of the crew hadn’t even had a chance to practice the 500m piece. Nevertheless, they went in and all did their best. There were a few impressive scores, but unfortunately the crew couldn’t do enough to make it into the final. They had however gained valuable experience in how to cope with nerves before a race, which will set them up well for Winter Head in a few weeks.

Crew: Joe Gladstone, Edward Bentley, Tim Woodman, Jonny Foster, Nick Mulder, Karolos Dionelis, Giovanni Braghieri, Basile Roze

The girls began to shine at their first event, Queen’s ergs. Indeed, it is not the most appetising event, with around 16 crews standing in a room, screaming at novices while they kill themselves on stationary machines while spectators jeer. At the end, with all eight girls having finished their 500m sprints, we realised to our surprise that there were still many crews still going. After a long wait, the results revealed that we had come third in our division; a fantastic achievement and great way to start our novice term.