Autumn Head 2016 – King’s M2

Written by: Matthew Else.

Following a series of promising outings, the newly-formed 2016/17 M2 crew set out to start off the term in style, taking on the 2.6km Autumn Head race alongside M1. Having spent a seemingly endless time waiting, sandwiched between two boats, we eventually got off to a good start, eventually getting within a few lengths of Jesus M2, who had been quickly overtaken by Clare M2. Urged on by Cox Charlie, we pushed hard to chase them down the reach. This unfortunately left little energy in the crew for the last 500 metres, but the crew managed to hold on, beating Jesus, coming within a few seconds of the next fastest crew, and within 20 seconds of M1.

As the crew are all aware, #beyonceWasntBuiltInADay, and we should look positively towards the upcoming Fairbairns and Winter Head races. Thanks to all of the crew, as well as Chris Braithwaite for his (I’m told) uncharacteristically positive coaching and everyone else who’s contributed to M2’s training so far this term.

Cox: Charles Connor

Stroke: Shaun Matos

7: Jaza Syed

6: Jasper Montana

5: Matthew Else

4: Canlin (Kenny) Ou

3: Sebastián Céspedes

2: Conor Bolas

Bow: Leo Paillard

Coaches: Chris Braithwaite and Neil Paul

King’s Summer Rowing 2016

Written by: Kittiphat ‘Am’ Chanthong

Summer is a gloriously peaceful time on the river Cam. Training sessions can be very efficient and enjoyable as rowers and coxes are not worried about getting hypothermia or drenched in cold rain (as often happens in term-time College rowing). Summer is also the time when most College rowers have left Cambridge and those of us that remain here often find it difficult to organise a crew to row with. This year, I was fortunate enough to be invited to participate with Christ’s summer rowing crew. Admiring its simplicity, I used the system created by Christ’s summer rowing organiser, Richard Mifsud, to call for King’s rowers. To my surprise, we managed to have enough people for outings in an VIII, mostly over the course of late August and September.

Inspired by the extraordinary sportsmanship and performances of athletes at Rio 2016 and various rowing events, all of us have displayed the drive and the passion to become better rowers for this incoming academic year, in every outing. The commitment did not waver even when there were 3 sessions per week and a 6:30am meet time. Even those who were away in various places in the world have reported the determination to improve their rowing and fitness over the course of the summer on the dreaded erg machine. These hours spent both on and off water will undoubtedly add to the success of KCBC in 2016/17.

I am confident that these sessions were constructive and beneficial for our improvement as athletes. Most importantly, I hope that that we have had a lot of fun as the KCBC summer crew. I’d like to also thank rowers from other colleges and clubs who came to fill in our empty seats and built invaluable relationships between us. I anticipate that there will also be enough keen rowers for summer 2017, and invitations to participate with KCBC summer rowing extends to many KCBC alumni who work and live in Cambridge (e.g. me). Thank you!

KCBC Summer rowers:

Am Chanthong, Elizabeth Byrne, Niamh Mulcahy, Neil Paul, Matthew Else, Conor Bolas, Sebastián Céspedes, Richard Mifsud (Christ’s), Bowen Ding (Churchill), Siggi Martinsson, Hans Verschueren, Jaza Syed, Elizabeth Dzeng, Mari Niemi (Queen’s), Hrutvik Kanabar and Craig Lambert (Erg Club).

Michaelmas Term Race Reports

Hello KCBC community!

Apologies for the lack of posts so far this Michaelmas – believe it or not, we have been rowing!

The good news is that we have lots of race reports ready to publish. Rather than publish them all at once, we thought it would be better to stagger their release. Think of this as KCBC’s take on the advent calendar … our gift to you this Christmas.

We hope you all enjoy reading our race reports! Look out for the Michaelmas Newsletter (Henry’s VIII) which will be sent out in the next few days.

All the best,

The KCBC Student Committee 2016-17