Fairbairn Cup 2014 Summary

After a busy term of rowing, training novices, and many ergs (#gains), Michaelmas term came to an end with the rite-of-passage that is Fairbairns. On Thursday the Novices faced the novice course, and whilst they didn’t win, there’s certainly a lot of potential coming into the Senior Squad next term. Friday saw M1, W1 and M2 face the grueling Senior Fairbairns course. Sadly we weren’t quite fast enough to clinch the win, but M1 pulled out all the stops to finish 2nd of the Cambridge colleges and third College overall, whilst W1 rowed excellently and finished 5th fastest college. Results and times are summarised below:

Crew Time Position
M1 14:34.7 2nd Cam Coll, 3rd College, 5th Overall
W1 17:27.1 5th College, 6th Overall
M2 17:08.2 9th Second VIII, 51st Overall
NM1 11:17.1 17th
NW1 13:19.2 28th
NM2 12:11.6 11th Second VIII
NW2 14:40.7 13th Second VIII