Winter Head to Head – 26th January 2013

The beginning of the Lent term saw incredibly cold weather conditions yet the head to head proceeded as planned and since King’s W1 raced in the first division, we managed to race both pieces with very little waiting around in between.
The race down river started with a little reluctance as a short warm up and temperature in the minuses had frozen limbs somewhat however it soon wound to a nice quick pace. After the first 500m the pace settled and the resulting rhythm was satisfyingly regular to the end. As a result, the time for the first race was pleasing (although sadly it not match the personal best established at Bedford).
The way back was noticeably harder, although the start was equally peppy, the overall tiredness of the crew soon began to tell and so the rhythm dipped to a rather heavier stroke. Nevertheless, the crew put absolutely everything into the final 500m and this commitment meant that although the second time was over a minute longer (against the stream), it put King’s at the top of the second division. Such a result promises good things for the lent bumps as it shows that we have earned our prospective place in the first division.
Credit must be given to the two ex-novices who experienced a baptism of fire during this difficult race and yet kept up their effort and technique throughout. Without them, there would have been great difficulty in putting together a W1 crew.

Crew list:
W1: [Bow] Naomi Fenwick, [2] Kate Erin, [3] Katherine Russell, [4] Brioni Aston, [5] Beth Wratislaw, [6] Ellie Re’em, [7] Matilda Greig, [Stroke] Alex Hayes, [Cox] Nicole Samuel, [Coach] Roger Thorogood