Autumn Head – 20th October 2012

With just over a week until the start of Uni IVs, Autumn Head was a perfect chance to test our fours against the rest of the college competition, and to combine both crews to race as an eight. In the first division of the day we raced the fours.

M1(stern) went off first, rapidly getting up some good boat speed and settling onto a driving rhythm that would take us through the entirety of the course. As we approached the end of First Post Reach, subtlety from bow pair enabled our cox, Will – who was coxing his first race – to take some tight lines around the corners, gaining ground on the fours ahead. As we came out onto the Reach it was clear we would have to overtake the crew ahead. As we took the racing line tight under the Railway Bridge we pulled level with them, surging past a seat with every stroke; the excitement of sudden ‘regatta style’ racing lifted up the boat speed and sent us into the last 300m really giving it all. It was a good race for the first four, finishing a close second to Jesus.
Result: 10:21 (2nd College 4+)

M1(bow) also got off to a good start; locking in together and moving as a unit. Most of the crew was relatively inexperienced at racing in a four, therefore they benefited greatly from the expert coxing of Simon; who knew how to get the best out of them over the course. After some great work through the corners, fatigue on the Reach caused a slight loss of form, resulting in a drop in boat speed. However the guys kept together and pushed on through to the finish, posting a respectable time that placed them ahead of all the other second fours and fourth overall.
Result: 10:46 (4th College 4+)

After a couple hours recovery time we returned to the boathouse ready to take on competition in the eight. After a sharp start we were up at 36, pushing out the cover and driving the boat on. As we lifted out of each of the corners the response from the crew was great; gripping the boat at front stops and lifting the boat speed back up to cruising. The combination of five experienced Mays colours and sheer power kept the boat surging along all the way up the Reach. From the Railway Bridge it was just a case of digging deep and putting all on the footplate; striving for the line. This result shows the potential that King’s M1 has this term as we now turn our attention toward Uni IVs.
Result: 9:09 (1st College 8+, 2nd Overall)

Crew Lists:

M1(stern) 4+: [Cox] Will Miller, [Bow] Chris Smith, [2] Paddy Buchanan, [3] Joel Wilson, [Stroke] Lachlan Jardine
M1(bow) 4+: [Bow] Andre Thunot, [2] Conor Burgess, [3] Craig Lambert, [Stroke] Neil Paul, [Cox] Simon Emmings

M1 8+: [Bow] Andre Thunot, [2] Conor Burgess, [3] Craig Lambert, [4] Neil Paul, [5] Alge Wallis, [6] Paddy Buchanan, [7] Joel Wilson, [Stroke] Lachlan Jardine, [Cox] Chris Connor