Head of the Cam 2012

 M1: After a disappointing end to last term, we were determined that things would improve this time around, and having had some encouraging outings in the lead up to the race, we were feeling confident going into it. Off the start we quickly wound it up to 38, and were holding this for a fair distance up first post reach until we lengthened out and settled into our race rhythm at about 34. We kept this pace through all the corners, with some nice tight lines taken and some aggressive lifts out. Coming out onto the reach, things started to fall apart a little bit as tiredness started to creep in, but once Chris called us back together we had the boat sitting up beautifully and really started to put the power down. Coming towards the finish we were clearly tired, but never slacked off right up to the line which we crossed in a time of 9:04, making us the fourth fastest college crew.

Crew: [Cox] Chris Connor, [Bow] Rutger Grisel, [2] Conor Burgess, [3] Alge Wallis, [4] Paddy Buchanan, [5] Reuben Shiels, [6] Lachlan Jardine, [7] Joel Wilson, [Stroke] Will Miller