Lent Bumps Day 2 (29/2/12)

M1 – bumped by Christ’s M1:

We all knew that today was going to be the deciding factor in how the week went for us, with a fast Girton crew in front, and a tidy looking Christ’s crew chasing. We had a relaxed and solid row down, almost scuppered by a wiring problem in the boat just as we were about to push out. Thankfully Jim came to the rescue so we still made it down on time. Off the start we quickly hit a good rhythm, and settled in well into our race speed. We looked to have pushed Christ’s off a bit behind us as we neared the motorway bridge, but the sound of whistles from in front told us that the inevitable was about to happen, Girton eventually bumped Emmanuel half way up first post reach so we were left with only the overbump on Magdalene to chase. As we passed the bumped out crews, we lost focus slightly and the good rhythm we had earlier seemed to slip. Nevertheless, we were still holding Christ’s off but coming round first post corner, through the gut and around grassy we had more distance taken out of us as we struggled to hold our form through the corners. By the time we reached ditton, the gap had closed further to about a quarter of a length and once again the corner was our downfall, emerging onto the reach with Christ’s almost overlapping our stern. Unfortunately one last push couldn’t fend them off any longer, though according to our bank party we had closed half the distance on the overbump by the time we were hit. All in all a very committed race, but with plenty more speed to find later in the week.

W1 – bumped Churchill W1:

Revenge was on the cards today, and the power showed in the crew as we made it through the start and ploughed into Churchill I just after the motorway bridge!

M2 – bumped by Hughes Hall M1:

Today M2 faced the challenge of the surging Hughes Hall I chasing. They bumped Jesus III on Day 1 under the motorway bridge. M2 planned to go off as hard as possible to try to bump Clare II before Hughes Hall bumped them from behind. A strong start saw King’s catching Clare but Hughes had managed an incredible start taking about half a length out of King’s in the first dozen strokes. They were gaining so fast stroke signalled to the cox to abandon their rhythm ten halfway through and to go straight into a power ten. The crew responded immediately and very well, taking more ground out of Clare. Unfortunately this didn’t stop the oncoming storm which was Hughes Hall. M2 were bumped partway down First Post Reach.

Lent Bumps Day 1 (28/2/12)

M2 – rowed over:

An inexperienced M2 with 6 Bumps virgins nervously awaited the cannon. They
achieved a very clean start, easily the best they’ve ever managed. They
lost about half a boat-length on Clare II before reaching First Post
Corner, where disaster struck. One of the rowers almost lost their blade
after it jumped out of the gate. The crew dropped down to 6 rowers whilst
the blade was returned to its place. They swiftly wound back up as soon as
they had the full crew and managed to get back up to race pace for the
second half of plough reach. By this stage the two crews behind had bumped
out, giving M2 ample opportunity to get it back together. They began a
whole new race coming out of Ditton Corner, with a stunning power ten down
the long reach which saw them clear of any danger. Pulling away from
Morley’s Holt they wound it down – misinformed by the marshall – taking a
well-earned break before they wound it back up, having realised their
mistake. Their break allowed them to launch back off to a picture perfect
finish; a highly commendable row over for King’s M2.

W1 – bumped by Churchill W1:

The inexperience in the crew showed as we got a crab in the start
and Churchill I ploughed into us.